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    How To Fix RECTEQ (REC TEC) Pellet Grill Error Codes

    Oct 31,2022 | YAOAWE

    RECTEQ(REC TEC) is known for producing quality pellet grills. Grill made from heavy-duty metal parts and are known to stand the test of time.
    However, as with any pellet grill/smoker, there are sometimes problems that lead to error codes.

    How To Fix RECTEQ (REC TEC) Pellet Grill Error Codes

    The RECTEQ pellet grill/smoker will only display one of three error codes, ER-1, ER-2 and ER-3. However, it is important to note that the meaning of the code depends on your specific model.

    ER-1: Loss Of Power

    Receiving an ER-1 code on your Bullseye or Wi-Fi controller means there has been a Power Failure.

    • The grill was not turned off properly.
    • The grill was shut down by your breaker, or GFCI outlet.


    • Press the power button to clear the code and turn on the grill. Does not advise turning off the grill by unplugging it. Please press the power button and allow your grill to switch off properly as recommended in the user manual.
    • If the grill is tripping your breaker or GFCI outlet, check the power source if it is working or not.
    • Check to see if the GFI Switch or Breaker is flipped
    • Check extension cords and outlet. If there is a problem with the extension cord or outlet, buy a new extension cord and outlet.

    If you are using a previous generation REC TEC brand model without WiFi, it is the other way around, the ER-1 error code means that the grill is overheating.

    ER-2: Failure To Light

    You will see this error code if your recteq does not reach 180° within 30 minutes.

    • Auger jam or a failed auger motor, the fuel is unable to reach the fire.
    • Fan/blower has failed, blower fan is not supplying airflow to the fire. 

    • Igniter Failure - The heating element has failed to start a fire.


    • If the auger does not turning or pushing the pellets into the fire bowl, it could be a jammed auger or bridged pellets.
    • If the auger motor is turning but no pellets are falling into the combustion burn pot, this mean the shear pin which connects the motor to the auger shaft has failed.
    • If the auger is not blockage and the motor will not spin, then you need to replace the auger motor.
    • If the blower fan has been inactive for a long time being stuck. The blower blades can be turned manually with a grease knife or screwdriver.

    • If both the auger motor and the blower fan are working properly, but there is no ignition, then the igniter may have failed. Replacing the igniter.

    ER-3: Overheating

    Receiving an ER-3 error code on your controller means the grill is overheating or your RTD probe has failed.

    • If your RECTEQ flameout and pours a large amount of pellets into the burn pot before. At the next start-up there will be too much fuel in the burn pot, resulting in overheating.
    • The most likely cause of overheating problems in pellet fuel ovens is due to grease fires.
    • If your RECTEQ has not previously experienced a flameout or grease fire, it means that your RTD probe in the cooking chamber is faulty.


    • In the event of a grease fire, please remain calm and leave the lid shut.
    • RTD probe is faulty, please Replace RTD Probe .

    Depending on which generation of pellet grill/smoker you own to determine the meaning of the error code you are experiencing, and fix the error code. Best of luck getting your RECTEQ up and running again.